About Us

History and information about the Kena Klowns

The Kena Funmakers were founded in 1952… One of the earliest units of Kena Shrine Center. It wasn’t until 1975 that their name was changed to the Kena Klowns. No matter the name, they have always enjoyed having fun and joking around. The best thing about this unit – they have the distinct honor and privledge of being involved and working hand in hand with the children of our community. Not only the children of fellow Shriners or the kids we entertain during the many parades and events, but most importantly the children that we service through our burn centers and orthopedic hospitals. The members of this unit from past and present take great pride and pleasure in our duties and commitments.

On a national level, the Klowns are supporters and members of the International Shrine Clown Association. This association sponsors the ‘Sneaker Fund’ that you may have heard about. The fund was originally set up to purchase and provide sneakers for children in the Shrine Burns Hospitals. Today this fund is used to support the Hospitals in a more general way by simply handing over the cash (or check as the case may be). Although this may not be quite as personal it is probably more effective and efficient. The Kena Klowns’ program of collecting and recycling aluminum cans allows us the opportunity to donate money from the proceeds to this great and worthwhile fund. So next time you hear the Klowns nagging about keeping those cans… just remember that it all goes to this great cause. Keep filling up that trailer!

A little closer to home, the Klowns are also associated with the MASCA and SASCA regional associations.  The Mid-Atlantic Shrine Clown Association holds a business meetings as well as make-up and skit competitions at the yearly Klown-A-Rama.  They also hold a business meeting at the annual MASA convention in Virginia Beach.  If you are in VA Beach around the second weekend in September, watch out for the Shrine convention and come see the huge parade on Saturday morning that involves many Shrines from the Mid-Atlantic states!